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Salesforce Implementation Services That Help You Streamline Your Business Processes

As experienced Salesforce implementation consultants, our dedicated team of experts takes you step-by-step through your Salesforce CRM implementation process, keeping you fully informed and updated at every step. At Folio3, we aim to help you simplify and streamline your processes, and even identify key Salesforce features you can leverage in order to instantly boost your ROI. Our consultants promise to eliminate any complexities, put an end to bottlenecks, and minimize risks while ensuring you get the most value at the least possible Salesforce implementation cost.


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Our Services

Our Salesforce Implementation
services include

As one of the best Salesforce implementation partners, Folio3 is proud to have one of the most experienced discovery teams consisting of dedicated Salesforce implementation consultants, who attempt to understand your existing setup and processes, your technology systems, and your requirements. We are aware of the nuances in strategy and processes for different businesses and always recommend the perfect custom implementation strategy tailored to your specific goals and requirements.
Choosing us as your Salesforce implementation partner means you are paving your way to guaranteed success. Our consultants facilitate you in configuring Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud and customizing it to meet your business requirements. We help you automate your business processes and implement Sales and Service Cloud through customized workflows, tailored email templates, custom reports, and security access and approval processes. We ensure maximum data visibility and help you attain intelligent business insights, which help you lead to more reliable decision-making in your organization Let’s Talk
We offer agile Salesforce implementation services with simple yet innovative customized enhancements. These simple enhancements allow us to transform the implementation and ensure that you use it to completely revolutionize your organization and its business processes. Our specially trained Salesforce implementation consultants have years of experience working with the Salesforce platform. With us, you can develop the best custom Salesforce CRM implementations that can be advantageous to your users as well as boost your return on investment (ROI). Let’s Talk
As your Salesforce implementation partners, we ensure that the safety and integrity of the data in your legacy systems are never compromised. We help you seamlessly migrate your data to your Salesforce solution with zero losses and zero downtime. We build custom migration solutions tailored to your specific requirements as well as your budget, and specially designed to run smoothly and have minimum business impact. Our consultants have just the perfect balance of experience, expertise, and knowledge to solve the most complicated migration problems and still keep challenging themselves. We offer an array of data migration services for Salesforce including data extraction, data reduplication, data cleansing, data standardization, and data validation before finally migrating to Salesforce. Let’s Talk
Our team of Salesforce experts is extremely adept at customizing turn-key connectors or even designing and developing custom integration solutions from scratch. Their years of knowledge and experience have allowed them to instantly identify issues and come up with quick integration solutions to counter them. Let’s Talk
Discovery and Requirement Gathering

Need to bring maximum value for your sales, customer service, and marketing? Our team can advise on how to do it.

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We Deliver On Time

We Deliver On Time

As certified Salesforce implementation partners, we are committed to delivering the best possible Salesforce CRM implementation solutions right when we promise, and that too within your budget.

We Offer The Best Salesforce Implementation Services

We Offer The Best Salesforce Implementation Services

Our team of Salesforce implementation consultants consists of highly qualified, seasoned experts with years of experience with design and development especially working with the Salesforce platform. Our experts help us offer you the best possible services tailored to the needs of your organization.

We Work 24/7

We Work 24/7

Our business model allows us to be able to work round-the-clock because we have our teams and consultants across the world in eight different countries. Our blended offshore and onshore model helps us provide you quality services at a salesforce implementation cost that you are able to afford.

You Own The Intellectual Property Rights

You Own The Intellectual Property Rights

The Salesforce implementation services we offer ensure that we do the designing and developing within the scope of our agreement, and you get to own the source code and intellectual property rights.

We Offer The Best Training & Support Packages

We Offer The Best Training & Support Packages

Our team of Salesforce implementation consultants provides your staff with all the necessary training needed to operate the newly implemented CRM solution in the easiest possible way. We also offer several packages for ongoing support and maintenance.

Why work with Folio3.

You still thinking
about why you should choose us?

Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy

As a Salesforce consulting firm, we are located in multiple regions throughout the world. We offer value to our clients by ensuring both onshore and offshore services. ​

Redefined Momentum

Redefining Momentum​

Our team is highly resourceful in the implementation and integration of the Salesforce platform, and has also worked on reviving older projects that have stalled due to various reasons.​

Futuristic Approach

Futuristic Approach​

Our Salesforce certified consultants ensure that all projects on the Salesforce platform are strategized to succeed even in the future.​

Client Oriented

Client Oriented​

Our Salesforce consulting company works step by step with the client, keeping them updated and fulfilling all their requirements in order to gain complete customer satisfaction and a long lasting relationship.​

Experience Team

Experienced Team​

We are certified Salesforce Consulting partner and have a team of developers that have been working in the CRM/ERP field for over 15 years, so you are in safe hands.​

Salesforce Success Stories


Formelt column Technologies & Highmetric

Folio3 helped Highmetric in merging two separate Salesforce Companies into one. Through the merger, we achieved the following objectives for Hightmetric