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Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services by Folio3

Salesforce Sales Cloud Services by Folio3

Folio3, a digital transformation company specializing in ERP/CRM implementation, integration, customization, and more, boasts extensive experience in Salesforce Sales Cloud Services. With a team of seasoned consultants and developers, we ensure a guided Salesforce journey, step by step.


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Folio3 is a digital transformation company having expertise in ERP/CRM implementation, integration, customization and much more. We understand that every business is different, so we utilize our experienced sales consultants who propose implementation strategies that will be tailored to your business and provide you with the best of services. The consultancy will help you focus on your crucial activities to ensure your sales success. Services regarding optimization of your sales and business analysis will be provided for the success of the business in the long term. Folio3 can be your trusted sales cloud consultant and lead your business to be on the path of growth by using the sales cloud.

Folio3 can service your needs as your Salesforce implementation partner. We will professionally establish, configure, and personalize Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud to support your business needs. Our experienced Salesforce consultants implement business process automation by using several techniques. Such as custom email templates, workflows, security access settings, and approval processes. You can inquire how we expertly incorporate custom reports and dashboards to ensure better data visibility which consequently provides critical business insights that result in better decision making at all levels of the company. The insights reduce risk factors and detect emerging trends which can help shape your business model for the future and provide your business with a head start as compared to your competitors.

Folio3 provides professional Salesforce Cloud integration. The agile service allows you to assimilate the improvements applied to your system. Our integration services have provided tremendous benefits to our clients resulting in extensive success and reduction in costs. Folio3’s salesforce specialists have substantial expertise in producing solutions tailored to your business on the platform. Whether it be e-commerce, shipping, ERP, or marketplace integration, Folio3 has done it all.

Salesforce migration is quite a challenging task as the process requires a lot of attention to details in order to keep the data intact. Folio3 provides optimized enterprise-grade migration ensuring a positive impact on your business. Folio3 has certified developers and specialists who have the experience and skill to address all the complexities related to data migration without affecting your business. Folio3 Salesforce data migration services incorporate techniques such as data extraction, cleansing, deduplication, standardization, validations, verification, and importation into Salesforce.

We have 15+ years of experience in ERP/CRM implementation and integrating these ERPs/CRMs to various cloud and conventional business systems, especially financing systems and eCommerce Platforms.

Folio3’s Salesforce Sales cloud optimization and maintenance services possess skills in fields such as designing, developing custom apps, and even configuring pre-built apps for your business. Our Sales Cloud Support Services are very economical and provide you with the best value for your money.

The complex modules in Salesforce Sales Cloud can only be correctly implemented by experts such as Folio3.

Sales Cloud Experienced Consulting Services

Need to bring maximum value for your sales, customer service, and marketing? Our team can advise on how to do it.

Why Choose Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

Useful Functionalities
and a variety of Application availability

Salesforce marketplace, AppExchange, has over 3,400 apps that enable you to make use of Salesforce functionalities for your different domains and perform tasks. The sales cloud has all the functionalities a business owner would require to expand their business. Salesforce provides vital information right at your fingertips in one place. It allows you to organize details, put up marketing sales, allow to view urgent notifications and allow real-time monitoring. Your unique processes can be implemented using code as well.

Useful Functionalities and a variety of Application availability

High Return on Investment rate

Salesforce pricing plans are very viable if we talk on a return on investment basis. Salesforce implementation brings up to 600% ROI which helps to expand your business and turn it into a long-term success. Salesforce is a tool that if used appropriately, will let your business outperform your competitors. Salesforce Sales Cloud Services pricing plan is quite low if compared to the ROI.

Enhanced convenience for Sales people

Easy Integration with other and Custom Applications.

Salesforce's customers can integrate the Sales cloud with an ERP, supply chain, HR, or even e-commerce software via an application programming interface(API). Over 2,000 apps on App Exchange enable integration with various applications. If you require custom integration, Folio3 is the best choice there is.

Need to bring maximum value for your sales, customer service, and marketing? Our team can advise on how to do it.

Still thinking why you should choose us?

Quality Products with On-Time Delivery

Quality Products with On-Time Delivery

Folio3 is an experienced company committed to quality delivery outcomes and strives for continuous improvement in providing superior services across its entire business, even as a sales cloud consultant.

Seasoned Developers

Seasoned Developers

Folio3's team comprises 150+ dynamic, certified professionals who have vast experience in the fields of Information Technology, and experience with leading Technology Platforms.

Hybrid Onshore/Offshore Model

Hybrid Onshore/Offshore Model

Folio3 follows optimal business models to ensure cost-effective sales cloud pricing and quality services. The onsite Salesforce Consulting Services are complemented by our Offshore Salesforce Development Teams, which ensure quality solutions with on-time delivery.

Intellectual and Property rights of the solution

Intellectual and Property rights of the solution

You are the owner of the source code which is developed by our team. You are provided with Intellectual and Property Rights of all the work commenced under as per terms of our agreement.

Certified Training & Support Programs

Certified Training & Support Programs

Our expert Salesforce implementation specialists provide your team with adequate training programs for operating the CRM solution developed. The experienced trainers ensure that your staff is adequately trained under quality standards

Why work with Folio3.

You still thinking
about why you should choose us?

Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy

As a Salesforce consulting firm, we are located in multiple regions throughout the world. We offer value to our clients by ensuring both onshore and offshore services. ​

Redefined Momentum

Redefining Momentum​

Our team is highly resourceful in the implementation and integration of the Salesforce platform, and has also worked on reviving older projects that have stalled due to various reasons.​

Futuristic Approach

Futuristic Approach​

Our Salesforce certified consultants ensure that all projects on the Salesforce platform are strategized to succeed even in the future.​

Client Oriented

Client Oriented​

Our Salesforce consulting company works step by step with the client, keeping them updated and fulfilling all their requirements in order to gain complete customer satisfaction and a long lasting relationship.​

Experience Team

Experienced Team​

We are certified Salesforce Consulting partner and have a team of developers that have been working in the CRM/ERP field for over 15 years, so you are in safe hands.​

Lastest Case Studies

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Formelt column Technologies & Highmetric

Folio3 helped Highmetric in merging two separate Salesforce Companies into one. Through the merger, we achieved the following objectives for Hightmetric